Thursday, 15 October 2009

I am still Busy

Well the last two weeks have certainly proved fruitful in more ways than one.

I have been knocking on various stores doors to implement bra fitting service or other services for mastectomy patients. Now one is finally listening to me. It has taken over two years to achieve this contact but the outcome is going to be positive.

Patience is a virtue and I am learning this the hard way.

Next week I am off to Westminster see previous post. The following week I am off to Sheffield to help a lingerie department in a well known store incorporate mastectomy lingerie. With input from various mastectomy patients we should be able to achieve a very worthwhile product.

I suppose my writing journey will be the same as this one a very long wait and then wham everything will happen all at once and my feet won't touch the ground.

So last week was Gatwick, next week Westminster, the following week Sheffield it sounds like a tour of a band LOL.

In the meantime I keep my writing up and one day my book will get published. I have had two rejections of it so far but who knows what the future holds.

Hold on this is a roller coaster ride so for those that follow this blog be prepared.

Best wishes



  1. Hi Fee,
    That's the spirit. Your great determination and resilience is a most inspirational read.
    I know you will never give up in getting your book published. So, I'm sure you will look to the future with a sense of realistic positive anticipation.
    'Life is a roller coaster':-)
    All the very best, Fee.
    Kind wishes, your way, Gary

  2. Hi Fee
    I'm new to your site but I appreciate what you are up to. Good for you. You sound like a very positive and inspirational individual so please keep up the good work.