Thursday, 8 October 2009

Pride of Britain

I watched the Pride of Britain awards last night and if anyone says you don't get emotional watching these stories then I don't believe you.

The story that has touched me most is this one. I suppose being at a similar age to Kris at the time I found my first lump makes her story more poignant.

Kris is one of the patients in the Cancer Research UK advert for donations and is the last one on the screen.

Instead of feeling sorry for herself Kris is doing all she can to get the message across to young women that they need to check themselves and don't be fobbed off by doctors due to your age.

I will never forget at 32 the doctors telling me because of my age it wouldn't be cancer. Well they were wrong and it was. My biggest fear is that every lump I have is going to be ignored and will turn aggressive. That fear for me will never go away. If I felt listened to I would perhaps feel less apprehensive about the future, but each visit to hospital brings the dread that I will hear the words again.

Kris is not only battling breast cancer but secondary cancer in her spine. She is putting all her energies into her website and I truly admire her.

It is strange how when the illness hits instead of thinking of ourselves we want to prevent this happening to others in what small way we can. We want to help others through a horrid journey and make it easier for those that follow.

This is just one of the small achievements I have made on my two year path so far by agreeing to help Macmillan Cancer Support with their campaigns.

Without cancer patients speaking out the cancer charities have no voice to help get their campaigns across. It is the real lives that matter now and in the future.

It is people like Kris that I want to help so that young lives aren't devastated by the horrid illness.

Yes I know I am passionate about this subject but shouldn't everyone care a little bit more. Shouldn't we all stop and think what would we do in that situation? How would we cope? Would we feel sorry for ourselves or get out there and live life to the full and make if fulfilling for others?

These are the choices we face and Kris and I have answered our dilemmas. Sometimes it just never is enough and someone young dies due to doctors not listening to them.

It is for this reason I do what I do.

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