Thursday, 1 October 2009

Positivity reigns again

Thanks to Julie and her never ending support and encouragement I am feeling much better. A supportive email means so much.

I have written a few letters today. I have also had another poem published on Poetry Street today.

I have attempted a short story and decided to leave the idea alone for now. I hope to go back to it at a later date.

Since I started my writing journey I have learnt such a lot. Finding the right magazines for helpful hints and tips. Having bought Jane Wenham Jones' "Wannabe a Writer" I know I didn't waste my money with that. With encouragement from the writing group I write about what I know and what affects me. I found a magazine for disabled writers called ABLE this is a positive magazine which suits me.

So the negativity has vanished for now.

I also received a telephone call from the Trisha Show. Yes I know its been axed and repeats are on tv at present. Well our final show is going to be shown on the 14th October at 10.45 am on Channel 5 (I can hear freeview viewers moaning well those that can't obtain channel 5!).

Never mind it is on You Tube courtesy of Ricky from Trisha.

I can't believe a year has almost gone by already. This time last year I was away on my odyssey holiday (see previous post) and Steve was in charge of sending out the wedding invitations. Thank goodness I haven't got that stress this year.

The only stress I really have now is my writing and my own self doubts.

Knowing that my letters are getting published is a huge boost. So onwards and upwards.

Best wishes



  1. Well done Fee - keep going! There's a very pretty award for you at my place!

  2. Hi Helen

    Thanks for the encouragement and support.

    Yes I will keep going. Another year older, wiser and wider.

    Best wishes