Monday, 22 February 2010

Good News

After attending the local breast cancer support group and getting some feedback I followed the advice and contacted the breast cancer care nurses today as I knew they would be around with it being clinic day.

On hearing my idea they are thrilled about it and will help me in anyway they can. This is boosting my confidence.

I then went off to my pre-operative assessment today. Good job it is laser eye surgery being undertaken under general anaesthetic else I would have to be an in-patient. Yippee I will be a day case on the 4th March.

On my return I checked the answerphone and there was a message from the breast cancer unit wanting to help me further with the swimming group idea.

So in less than three weeks things are kicking off and there is no holding me back.

No matter what I am determined, positive and strong willed.

Hopefully the next two weeks will be filled with more good news.

Just got to think of a suitable name for the swimming group so that flyers can be produced.

So watch this space for more updates.

Best wishes


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