Tuesday, 23 February 2010

SAS is Born!!

Swimming After Surgery (SAS) is born today. Hooray.

Just got to wait for the business cards to arrive and distribute them.

I can't wait to see them in real life.

After a sleep disturbed night I have finally succeeded in coming up with a name which covers everyone.

Who knows where this idea will lead.

The training for my swimming coaching is on hold until I know where I am after the operation. Still trying to find funding for this but I don't think it will be too much of a problem with my get up and go.

Things will just take longer than I expected or wanted but that is my life a roller coaster ride shame I am not at a theme park enjoy the ups and downs but heyho I am happy and pleased with what I have achieved so far.

Will just have to learn to take it easier next week hence the rush this week to see everything come to fruitition.

So there is no stopping this mad woman from charging around right now.

What with complicated knitting patterns being furiously completed before next week and other things that need good eyesight to be finished off this lady is certainly going to be busy before she finally puts her feet up on a trolley bed.

Not too sure what next Friday will bring but will keep you posted as to progress.

I am upbeat and positive no doubt I will have the anaesthetist's team in hysterics as usual. One day someone walked past the door where I was being prepared and asked "Are you sure that is a patient in there?" As there was so much laughter going on.

Onwards and upwards.

Best wishes to you all.



  1. Our friend had a vasectomy,in a private hospital, many years ago, and told us how two women had entered his room asking if it would be ok to inspect the area to be operated on.
    Derek duly exposed himself and asked whether they were surgeons or nurses.
    "Neither," they replied. "Actually we're the cleaners. You just seemed a good sport!"
    So, Fee, best of luck, and keep your bits under wraps!

  2. Hi Sue,

    Don't worry I won't be exposing anything I shouldn't.

    I am doing this with dignity.

    Best wishes and thank you for your support.