Wednesday, 10 February 2010

I am Coping (Just)

Why haven't I blogged for a while.

As some of you may know by now my life never goes to plan.

My plan this year was to return to work. This has not happened for various reasons unfortunately and through no fault of my own.

Having had various bouts of ulcerative colitis knocking me off my feet and even hospitalising me on one occasion I have felt rather run down.

Last week I woke up with black dots in front of my right eye (the same one that had laser eye surgery to repair a torn retina in September last year) so we telephoned the eye department to let them know. I should have been followed up after the laser surgery in clinic but this did not happen unfortunately.

I therefore had two visits to the Eye Department last Wednesday evening and Thursday afternoon. I was so up beat on Thursday thinking this is just a check up and that I could cope with the floaters (black dots). Just before we left the clinic I was informed I am to undergo laser eye surgery on both eyes next month. The right eye is to have the bleeding torn retina repaired again and the left eye is for a lattice (not sure what this is).

So it is a matter of waiting for pre-op assessment.

I am busy campaigning meanwhile to help others with lymphoedema so that when they are in hospital there is not a two hour argument over a needle going into an affected limb. The solution to me seems simple. Give patients with lymphoedema a green wrist band to put on the affected limb, that way staff will know not to insert any needles into that limb.

Having attended the Cancer Forum yesterday I was going to wait and bring this up at the next meeting but another lady also had issues regarding lymphoedema so that got me on the soap box. So I feel something positive is happening.

On Monday I attended the hospice (don't worry I am not going anywhere yet) this is where lymphoedema patients are currently treated with Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) as this service is not available in either hospital in Shrewsbury or Telford.

One blessing on going to the hospice is that there are no car parking charges at these premises HOORAY.

I am now awaiting a support vest to arrive to treat the lymphoedema down my torso.

My mother says I was born awkward and stayed awkward. In some ways I agree.

When I last saw my GP I said "If I was a dog I would be put down by now". He laughed but agreed.

I had hoped to keep away from the breast consultant until July but unfortunately this is not the case. I am due to be seen under the "two week rule" so yet again awaiting hospital appointment to come through.

I am trying to remain upbeat and positive about everything, keeping busy helping others and campaigning.

There are some days when it is hard going but I know there are others out there far worse off than me. I think things happen to me for a reason and that as I am an outspoken person wanting to change things for the better that this is why I am here.

At the forum yesterday someone asked "is there any part of you not affected by anything?"

My husband piped up "Yes, her mouth".

This made everyone laugh.

I am laughing too. It is laughter that is the best medicine right now.

Best wishes to you all.




  1. Keep laughing Fee, a wonderful and inspiring post. I wondered where you had been and not blogging for a while.

    Love Di

  2. You are marvellous as ever, and how wonderful that you are able to help others, despite your own problems. Keep fighting! Much love, Carole. x

  3. Fee, your troubles put ours into perspective. Congratulations on staying so cheerful and determined. You're an inspiration!