Sunday, 21 February 2010

Postivity Reigns Hooray

Thank you Wrekin Writers for making my day

yesterday. I knew the competition existed but

had no idea I would get placed. I just tried my

best sending out letters, a poem to a website, articles to another website and playing with my tools which are my computer and my keyboard. Don't trust me with a pen and paper I can never read it back.

It reminds me of my shorthand days at college struggling to make the images make sense. Yes I am that old.

I even started out typing on a manual typewriter and when it came to the exams in the second year for which we had training with electronic ones half the group took the manual typewriters upstairs to the exam room. Now new technology is a major part of my life although I don't have an Apple, Ipod, MP3 player and the like I just have my old faithfull pc standing on a desk in amongst all the junk of what we class as the "spare room".

I have learnt a lot of the over the last twelve months with Wrekin Writers, giving things a go even when the words of "what is the point, I can't do that". I gave it a go and hey presto look what I have achieved so far.

I have picked up lots of tips from various different sources and have taken most of them on board. I am not good at retaining all the information but the majority sticks with me.

Most importantly a quote from SW (he will know from this who I am referring to) "If you send your work out somebody will read it" whether it gets published or not I give it a go.

My wonderful supportive husband telephoned his mother as soon as I returned from the meeting yesterday she was thrilled to bits.

Not as thrilled as I was when Di presented me with my prize. For those that have read my other blog you will understand the thought behind the prize.
I really look forward to the writing group meetings as not only do I get to meet wonderful supportive people but I forget about my own reality.
Writing is also an escape route from problems.
Who knows what will happen this year but whatever it is I will always give something a go no matter how daunting the challenge ahead.
Best of luck to you all you writers out there and for those that have never considered themselves writers give it a go and who knows what you could achieve.
Well done to Julie and Jan for their successes too.
Best wishes to you all.

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  1. You deserve it Fee, well done and keep up your wonderful achievements.
    Love Di