Thursday, 27 May 2010

Good News

Yesterday I had the results of my mammogram carried out a couple of weeks ago. The results are CLEAR.

The consultant was away but I saw his registrar who was very nice (my dream the night before last was that the consultant was too busy to see me and I got very annoyed and was dragged away by two security guards). I had an examination and was told to go back in six months with a mammogram to be carried out every 12 months. This means I am one of the lucky ones to be kept an eye on. The reality of it is I am never going to be free of hospital appointments which affects Life Insurance and other financial issues. It is like a positive and a negative thing all at once. I remain positive and keep moving forward. November brings a bunch of hospital appointments together so hopefully I can have at least one month free from hospital this year fingers crossed.

I am now prepared for a trip to Gobowen Hospital today for a five hour pre-operative assessment. I know this will be a trip to see the phlebotomist ("vampire" in my world). I will then find out how long the operation will be and how long the stay in hospital should last (I hope not long).

My wonderful husband and I went through everything we could think of last night of questions to ask and have written these out so that nothing gets forgotten. I think I may hand this to the nurse prior to the assessment being carried out so they have time to prepare answers.

I am positive and upbeat.

Best wishes




  2. Glad everything is okay. Mr Hinton at the PRH is an amazing man and so dedicated. He's looked after me in the past and no doubt has saved thousands of women's lives.

  3. Hi Sue,

    Yes I know Mr Hinton is a wonderful person as I have met him at several meetings.

    My consultant is Mr Usman and all the surgeons in the breast team have been wonderful to me.