Wednesday, 19 May 2010


I came across a regular columnist in able magazine and discovered she has a blog at . Lorraine really deserves a mention on my blog as without reading her column I would never have sent my first letter to able magazine and had it accepted.

I haven't got a letter in this time as I was under the weather when the last magazine came out and nothing had got my blood boiling to respond to either so that was that.

This year is not going as I planned it would but heyho that is life and I just have to get on with it somehow.

Hospital appointments are just around the corner so this means a really busy week next week with lots of journeys and various consultants to see.

I will also be taking a break in Wales visiting friends who I haven't seen for a while so when I return my batteries should be recharged with energy and hopefully I will be able to write a lot more too.

I just need to find the motivation not inspiration.

Best wishes to everyone.


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  1. Hi Fee,
    I checked out your friend 'Lorraine's' blog. Well worth a read. Like you, she has a refreshing, thought provoking and inspirational attitude.
    Best wishes to you, Fee