Friday, 30 January 2009


Another string to my bow. I love doing tapestry when my hands allow. Being riddled with arthritis in my right hand especially makes thing very difficult.
Well six months ago I started the tapestry on the left. With the operation after the wedding and Christmas lurgy I had been unable to finish the tapestry in time to give it as a Christmas present to my dear friends who kindly took in one of my cats when I had to move out of my former matrimonial home.
So as you can see this picture was apt as a gift for them. So I finally finished it two weeks ago. I searched around to get it framed. One place quoted £87. We then found another framing company who did it for approximately £38.
On Wednesday evening we went to our friends and handed her the present wrapped in paper. When she opened it she was thrilled. Her husband was at work but when she spoke with him on the phone that evening she informed him we had brought something around for them both.
Today there was a loud knock on the door. It was our dear friend's husband. He had come around especially to thank me for the gift. I said "I am so glad you liked it". Reply "I didn't just like it I love it". So I am glad I have made someone happy with my talents.
I will never forget the time I completed my first tapestry. It was of a horse head and I was so thrilled I set off and got it framed now it hangs in my living room as proof that when I get stuck I can do it and will finish things off.
So I will apply the same theory to my writing and see where that gets me.
Best wishes.

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