Thursday, 29 January 2009

Tired but still fighting

Hi Everyone,

I am extremely tired after yesterday's exploits but am determined to keep going. This afternoon I have a photoshoot for the Sunday Mirror and then I can rest and catch up on some sleep.

With all the talk about bills yesterday after my power nap I could do nothing but worry about the bills that would be falling on the mat any day now. This worry and stress does not help my illness in fact cancer thrives on stress.

I try and alleviate it by not worrying and by paying one bill at a time. Its hard living from hand to mouth and having to work out what to do and not do and which bill to pay this month and shelve until next month.

I am going to take a break next week recharge my batteries and continue battling for those that are far worse off than me. It is the need to help others that keeps me going and my battles continue.

One day I will win and I will be proud of what I have achieved until life is fairer for cancer patients I will not cease my fight.

Best wishes to you all.


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