Saturday, 31 January 2009

Another Big Day has Dawned

Oh boy,

What with one thing and another this week lack of sleep seems part of the normal pattern to my life right now.

With the live show tonight I was rather anxious last night. I did manage to sleep for an hour then wake up for a while then go back to sleep for an hour and so the night continued with this pattern of waking up and napping.

It is strange how thoughts appear in my head when I am half asleep and then I think they are real. I wake up in a panic thinking I have missed the allotted time for the arrival of the car. Worse still I arrive at the studio and end up being ill.

Oh boy I didn't have nerves like this on my wedding day. I can remember having various thoughts in the middle of the night worrying over various details and making sure that each thing was ticked off my dozen or so lists.

I just hope the nerves now will mean I don't have any later on. I don't want to look like a babbling teenager meeting an idol. I felt a bit like that when I met Duncan Goodhew in July last year but he was so down to earth and put me at ease instantly.

In fact Duncan and Steve Parry were both in awe of me and I had no idea until the following day when someone we were speaking to informed me of this.

Strange how our perceptions of others are totally unlike what we feel inside. I just hope I don't get tongue tied.

I will let you know how I got on tomorrow I expect. Feeling a bit deadbeat already and knowing it will be late by the time we get home I expect I will just crawl to bed exhausted and I hope to remain there until the morning with no interruptions of my beauty sleep.

Best wishes.


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