Thursday, 29 January 2009

Searching the Internet

How many of us use google or other such tools to find what we want on the internet? A few I bet but how many of us actually search our names on the internet?

Well I did just that for the simple reason my own website had gone down. Well I found some very interesting articles on the internet but one that struck a very poignant note. It was a tribute to someone called Fiona Stevenson who died at the age of 29 in the London bombings. Fiona was a successful lawyer.

Strange how coincidence hit home with me. What had I been training to be but a lawyer and had hoped to complete my degree.

It hit home that a very successful person had been taken from our midst and there was me, an unqualified person, untalented and not much to offer than hope to others and I was still surviving and the other Fiona was gone.

The tributes were all kind and Fiona's last day was told in the media.

I will never forget how I felt when I read about the Fiona Stevenson who was a successful lawyer in London. All I know is this Fiona Stevenson is here to stay for now and do her best to help others so that my life won't be wasted and that I will have achieved something by the end of it.

Best wishes.

Fee x

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  1. Fee
    It's a good job you are here to stay, you are an inspiration to us all, not just with your positive views on life, but the ability to write about it too. You are certainly not untalented.