Friday, 30 January 2009

The Media

Simon you wrote a while ago that publishers are like buses well I can tell you the media can be the same. You try and plan your week and then a phone call changes everything.

Tuesday I received a telephone call from MacMillan Cancer Support in London asking for my help with their campaign to help cancer patients who are unable to get the cold weather fuel payment do so. I immediately said yes. Following this I received a telephone call from the media dealing with this particular story and this turned my week and house completely upside down.

After filming on Wednesday and doing the interview over the phone with the Sunday Mirror journalist, having my photographs taken yesterday for the Sunday Mirror I thought that was it.

Today we get a telephone call informing us the producers and everyone connected with the show had watched the film back and were so moved that they want us to attend at the live show tomorrow. I was shocked when I was told this and started to shake. I am actually going to meet Noel Edmonds in person tomorrow night.

For those of you lucky enough to have SKY the programme is Noel's HQ I think it is being shown at 7pm.

A car has been arranged to pick both Steve and myself up to take us to the studio and bring us home again tomorrow night.

I can't believe this is happening.

The Sunday Mirror article is being published for this Sunday's paper and I have no idea what that article will look like until it is in print.

Next week I am hoping to take a break away from everything and I am also going to a wedding at the weekend so a change of scene may do me good.

This week has been a topsy turvy one not with my writing, media but personal matters as well.

It is not all glamour doing tv shows. I can see why the celebrities who do it everyday get paid for it. It is very long days every day and then there are various guest appearances here there and everywhere for various things.

I do have down days too but on the whole this does not last long and I boost myself up back up again by counting my blessings everyday.

I am tired now and heading off to search my wardrobe for "the outfit".

Best wishes.


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