Sunday, 19 April 2009


Nothing beats the smell of opening a brand new jar of coffee and having the aroma waft up your nostrils.

Today was a different aroma I was fed up with the bush thing outside our house and had been nagging my dear husband to trim it with the loppers over the last couple of weeks. He couldn't do it last week due to the rain so today with the sun shining down on us the bush finally got its short back and sides done.

Well when we put our hands to our faces the aroma of the hedge sap was uplifting just like when you open a brand new jar of coffee.

Steve sniffed his hands and was amazed at the smell.

Not only now do we have extra light coming in through the window but the added bonus of a wonderful aroma until the garden recycling gets collected tomorrow.

It is surprising what pleases some people.

Best wishes



  1. Snap! I love the smell of a new jar of coffee so much that my husband Roy always brings the jar to me to open.

    Lovely to meet you briefly at Telford. Hope you are having a good day.

    Hugs, Carole x

  2. I love plunging the spoon into the foil on the top - I have to be the one to do it. My husband brings me the jar and a spoon because he knows he will get in trouble if he does it instead.

    Fee - I've just been checking out all your videos on Youtube. I loved the Timewarp for the wedding - an inspired way of getting everyone involved! How fantastic that you got such an amazing dress!

    You really are a bludy amazing woman!

    By the way I've signed up for the Race for Life - doing my bit!

    P x