Friday, 10 April 2009


At last I can finally make plans to venture out of the house again and start knitting again too. I had avoided all of it to prevent any mishap with the radioactivity coming into contact with newly pregnant mothers and young babies so took the precaution not even to knit the baby blankets I love to knit for charity or whoever wants or needs one.

I have an appointment to see a dear friend tomorrow at 9 am and can't wait to see her.

It is one day at a time and a step in the right direction each day that keeps me going.

Sunday we are going to see my mother-in-law who I adore so will have Easter with her for the first time in our three years together.

I was told not to get any Easter Eggs so I haven't but have something else instead LOL.

Can't wait for the scolding I am going to get but I love her dearly and it is my way of saying thank you for all the support she offers us.

As for the rest of Easter no idea just taking one day at a time and sometimes five minutes at a time to keep on going.

I have finally managed to complete my Chairman's Challenge without feeling morbid and it sounds positive when Steve read it. Lets hope I win it this time. Not succeeded yet in getting placed with any of the chairmans challenges but at least I enter and every point counts towards writer of the year which is no doubt going to be Julie this year.

I hope to be able to concentrate more on my writing in the near future and who knows next month I will may even feel stronger than I do now.

Just plodding along slowly like a snail at the moment but look at the hare and the tortoise who knows I may get there in the end.

Best wishes



  1. I am so happy for you, having read your news about your renewed life, much love and enjoy your Sunday.

    Carole xx

  2. Greetings Fee,
    It sounds like you have many positive distractions in your life. I wish you well in your ongoing positive journey. Have a wonderful Easter. Kind wishes, Gary:-)

  3. Well done for doing your Chairman's Challenge. I haven't started mine yet!