Thursday, 9 April 2009

Thanks to Friends

It is at times when things are hardest in your life that you realise how important friends are.

The last few weeks for me have been no exception and Sue has helped me through a very traumatic time indeed. The number of phone calls she has had from me saying I want to give up on everything including writing and the number of times she has told me to "hang on in there" have meant so much.

Without you Sue I would not be posting today. You and Wrekin Writers have been my strength to get through the last few weeks. Everything felt so black and I nearly gave everything up.

I am so glad I can write and love it. I nearly lost this experience thanks to my illnesses. I am so glad my medication has been changed and that I am starting to feel much better.

I am looking forward again not back, I am coping as best I can with various situations but that is what life is all about.

This will make you all laugh.

I had a very strange dream last night which I have decided to post.

"I dreamt that S.W. had been in a wheelchair for ages and had leg clamps on to help him walk due to a motorbike accident years ago and I was pushing his wheelchair. I was calling a man's name "pavlo" and I was on a hill looking for something".

I woke up when my husband walked past the settee and noticed my feet were uncovered from my duvet and moved it to cover them up again.

It took me a while to calm down and realise where I was.

I wonder if any of you have weird dreams like this?

Best wishes


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  1. Thanks for sharing, Sue. Yes, we all have weird dreams, some remembered and others not. And I can tell how emotionally 'sound' I am or otherwise be working them out. My friend who is a trauma specialist and uses dreams to help her patients, says that we do not need her to analyse our dreams, for if we think calmly about them, we slowly realise the message they are giving us. Fascinating. Much love, Carole. x