Tuesday, 10 March 2009

DVD Video

I recently received a DVD from Noel's HQ of the whole show. Last night I finally managed to work out how to decrypt the thing and upload it to the computer. Some success.

Having done that I thought it was going to be easy to get the bit I required cut and put onto the computer. How wrong was I. This is proving far more difficult than I first envisaged. Never mind nothing ventured nothing gained and if I don't play about with it I will never learn anything.

I love it when things go right but when things go wrong I call myself stupid for not understanding something or coming to grips with things straight away. But wait how many of us can remember the easiest part of a spelling test or remember the words we got wrong.

I know it was the errors that made me who I am today I learnt from my mistakes.

So the more errors I make the more I learn from them.

That is what life is all about.

So I will keep trying and hopefully get somewhere with this project.

Best wishes


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  1. Anything I do that's technical; computing, word processing, digital camera, blogging, takes me forever to master but WOW, aren't they useful tools! Can't wait for a bit of the show on your blog...