Tuesday, 3 March 2009


I don't know about anyone else but I am getting a bit frustrated with the word verification when I post a comment on someone else's blog. I wouldn't mind if they were actually words but to use random letters and call them words seems completely wrong to me.

With words in mind I have this annoying idea of what is a "celebrity". I looked it up it means someone famous or well known. It does not say anything about being wealthy or rich.

I suppose fame comes in many shapes or form. We could call Simon famous through the writing circle as he known in various magazines, the Writers Bureau and for being a published author.

It is strange how others view us.

Take me for example, striving to overcome various things in my life and doing all I can to help others along the way and in so doing getting invited to tv studios.

I have no idea the impact I have on people. Today opened my eyes I had no idea I helped so many I just do what I feel is right and just carry on regardless of the consequences sometime.

I suppose I would compare myself like a bull in a china shop at times and others I am so cautious it hurts as I think about things for so long and worry about the consequences that it takes longer to achieve the goals I set myself.

As long as I am happy at the end of the day and know I have kept in touch with my friends and done my best that is all I can ask.

Best wishes


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