Friday, 27 March 2009

I am so excited

Dear All

(I hope you are all sitting down to read this otherwise you will fall over)

After the week I have had with its ups and downs visits in and out of hospital, Shropdoc you name it and needles which I hate with a vengence I am slowly starting to feel much better.

Well I opened up my emails today and I am still pinching myself. Why? I hear you ask.

To cut a long story short Ronan Keating has got a member of his staff to email me and offer two complimentary tickets to his live tour in June this year.

My initial reaction was to telephone MacMillan and offer them to them (who immediately refused and told me to make use of them myself). I have never been to a live concert ever in my life let alone a huge famous band like this one.

Steve is over the moon and was amazed when I tried to offer the tickets to MacMillan. I suppose I am just scared of big crowds and hence had a fear of going and thought the charity might like them to raise some money. Typical of me says Steve.

Oh well just got to wait and see now whether the dates we want are avaiable and have confirmation as I know from my legal work nothing is certain until its in your hands.

So am waiting to hear back now.

Best wishes to everyone



  1. I was so pleased to read this and how great for you. I do hope the dates you want are available, and your good news cheered me up...hugs...xx

  2. Fabulous - Ronan Keating is a star!

    I do hope you enjoy it and maybe you'll get a back stage pass too??