Saturday, 14 March 2009


The New Writer landed on the mat this morning. I had forgotten all about subscribing to it and I picked it up. I ripped off the plastic cover and dived straight in.

I was so excited like a little girl with a new toy. I flicked through it briefly then studied the astrology article. Oh boy how accurate was it, absolutely spot on for both myself and my husband.

I skimmed through some of the advice and flicked over the pages and found some free stuff and a competition to enter.

Who knows this time I may pluck up the courage and enter something from this magazine.

As normal Simon is full of good advice about his article on writing circles and answering a query on that subject.

I am so glad I subscribed instead of having to drag myself to the shops to obtain a copy of a magazine which they possibly don't stock.

So am on a roll with words playing around in my head lets hope I remember them and get something written down before I go to bed.

Best wishes



  1. Enjoy...I can feel your excitement..hugs and love, Carole. x

  2. Quite right too. Enjoy!
    Sometimes I'm on a 'roll' with words. However, sitting on top of a bun, trying to write something, often makes me write something 'crumby' :-)
    I leave a pen and sheet of paper beside my bed, on the off chance I might come up with an award-winning article.
    Take good care Fee, happy blogging.
    Warm wishes, Gary.