Saturday, 21 March 2009

Thank You Wrekin Writers

Dear Simon and others

It was a lovely meeting today in totally different surroundings and what a large group we now have.

I was so glad I struggled to make the day out and am truly glad I did. Everyone as normal was friendly and each time I seem to sit by someone different so that helps the socialising side much better.

I am hopeless with names and remembering things at present due to medication but I think I was sitting next to Dorothy (if wrong name I sincerely apologise) she looked after me so well and made sure my needs were met as much as possible. The Natural Trust certainly did us proud providing the room. The catering was much better than our "normal" meetings and it was lovely to see the sunshine.

When I got home I was so exhausted I fell asleep on the sofa due to the exhilaration and hilarity of the morning.

I will certainly be returning to Attingham not only with Wrekin Writers but will drag my poor suffering husband out of these four walls to enjoy life too.

I am certainly inspired to do more research and continue to write who knows where this will lead.

I am now more determined than ever to obtain a treasured and prized Moleskin which Simon so lovingly unwrapped before our very eyes at last month's Wrekin Writers meeting.

I am going to recharge my batteries for a while thanks to the medication at least one good thing I have now finished my antibiotics HOORAY. So a few less tablets a day to take.

The waiting game is what I am in for now. Waiting to hear from publisher and waiting for hospital appointments.

I hope to make next month's meeting but if I can't I will certainly let you know.

I am getting so popular I have already had three appointments all on the same date in April and have cancelled one already the others are going to either fit inside each other and I will end up being a whirlwind at each event or I am just going to have pace myself and for once be choosy.

Not an easy task when Wrekin Writers means so much to mean.

Thank you again Simon, Sue and all the others who I have not mentioned it means so much to be part of this "mad" group but I am so very glad I found you all.

Best wishes


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  1. Hi Fee,

    It was great to see you at the meeting - especially after the huge amount of effort and energy it must have taken you to get up all those stairs!

    I wanted to thank you too for my fantastic colouring book, (puzzled looks from everyone else reading this...!). It was such a lovely gesture - thank you! Can't wait to treat myself to a decent colouring kit!

    See you next month - and take care!

    Nicola xx