Tuesday, 17 March 2009

A Good Day today

I woke up in a daze following my new medication routine so please excuse me when you meet me in the future I know I am not my usual self.

After dragging myself off the sofa I decided it was high time this place was sorted out and had a sort of spring clean. So with my "Genius at Work Room" being in such a mess I started that. First all the junk that had been piled high near enough to the ceiling was dragged from this room to the bedroom where my husband sleeps. He has been nagged to tidy up for so long that this forced the issue especially if he wants to sleep tonight as I have my nice cosy sofa downstairs LOL.

While sorting stuff out I came across double bedding from my previous marriage and as we have no use for this as Steve has to have a king sized bed due to his height this was bagged up and I decided we would take it to the Salvation Army where I am sure it would be useful. I telephoned them first to make sure that we were not going to be wasting our time as I know some places are finding it hard to find volunteers to staff charity shops. It was not a problem that was the first job off the list.

I have been out begging for donations for raffle prizes for Cancer Research Relay for Life event taking place in Shrewsbury. I started off with stores we knew of.

First of all we went to Blacks as Steve and I (mad fools that we are may be camping out overnight at the relay event) so we went to look at tents and hence opened the conversation up to what we wanted. Within a few minutes my business card was handed over and someone will be contacting me back in the near future to see what they can do to help the relay event.

Next we went to Boots as Steve wanted some personal stuff and I wanted their help in promoting sun protection at the Relay so as you can see I was killing two birds with one stone everywhere we went so far. Boots again took my business card and while we were there we met a lady from the Shrewsbury store who told us to call in and she would see what she could do to help.

Then it was off to other shops to see what I could beg for donations. Unfortunately most of them now have policies that you write to head office at least 8 weeks in advance. So it pays to be well organised in advance of an event.

So that sums up my good day.

Got to go and take my medication so that will be all from me tonight on this blog for today.

Best wishes