Saturday, 30 May 2009

Angels or are they?

They fly and flutter above your head

Some are yellow others are black and red

Many are brown and have marks like owls

Some have pretty wings and when they open

You can see pretty colours like bright blue

This is not a pigment it is a hue

caused by the light as the scales open

If you look carefully you can see white dots on leaves

These are the eggs which will be ready to hatch

And then before you know it they are crawling around

On the floor so watch where you tread

As you don’t want to feel dread

In case you squish or squash one as you walk

They crawl along flat on their stomachs

And then form crustaceans

It is then that they bloom and then begin to fly

High high up into the sky

As they land on you do not balk

They only visit briefly and their two lives

Are really short less

Their life is short just like spirits

These angels that appear from heaven
These were taken at a day out at Symonds Yat Butterfly Farm

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