Sunday, 3 May 2009

If you don't attempt

If you don't have a go and follow your dreams you will never know if you are going to succeed in following your dreams.

I have just been watching Britains Got Talent and my husband said why do they bother if they are no good. I patiently explained that those that think they are good will go for it and those that are unsure may not if those that are unsure don't have a go no one will know they have talent. It is the same with writing you have to submit things to find out how good you are.

It is a scary world and we all have to attempt things we have never done before. Today at Attingham was scary for some people but on the whole it was a good day.

I can remember being really scared when I first went on live TV. I have only done this once and nearly ran out of the studio three times but was prevented from doing so by a researcher who said I deserved to be there.

I will never forget seeing Noel choking back the tears just like I was. It was extremely emotional and an experience I will never forget.

The reason it was so emotional was the way they had edited the film. At home when they finished filming we had finished on a high note. For impact they had cut and pasted things to get the effect they wanted to make a huge impact on the audience.

This worked as you can see from this link

I do media work to help others not for any gain for myself. It is to highlight the plight of others far worse off than me who are too weak to speak out for themselves.

It is this that makes such a difference and I know it works as cancer patients are now entitled to free prescriptions thanks to this campaign

This is why I am so positive and this keeps me going despite the fact I can suffer with depression. When I get depression it affects my writing just like when someone has a cold or other illness it shows in their typing during a typing test. Strange how illness affects the outcome of things and people can read that things are not quite right.

I love my life and my writing and I hope to keep on with it and have some successes.

Good luck to everyone.


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