Thursday, 28 May 2009

I wish I had had my camera

On Tuesday this week I was attending an event. I was waiting in the car for my husband to arrive along with several others for the set time. While I was waiting the wind blew. In front of me were several trees. I discovered when the wind blew the leaves high up into the breeze a nest was hidden from view. I wondered what type of nest it was and whether it was abandoned.

While glancing up from the book I was reading I noticed something different at the spot where the nest was. I stared for a while and then realised a bird was sitting on the nest. I heard "two cows taffy" the wood pigeon call and then realised it was a pair of wood pigeons that were on the tree above the car. I stared in amazement wondering what would happen next. The female turned herself around several times then settled on the nest. I presumed she would sit there for hours.

After half an hour she left the nest and wandered up the branch balancing precariously in the wind. I was meserised watching the way she sat attentively watching the nest but not sitting on it again for a long while.

At 12.30 I departed for the event we were take part in and returned to the car half expecting to see one of the wood pigeons perched precariously on the nest but to no avail. The nest was desserted once more. I strained my neck to see if I could see the pair balancing on the branch in the wind but the leaves were hiding them well.

I hope all goes well with that nest and that any baby wood pigeon hatches safely and is not devoured by prowling cats or other predators.

It seems amazing that the nests are only built for the chicks to be hatched and reared in. When a home is cosy and warm I know I would prefer to stay safe and not have to perch precariously on a branch in order to roost for the night.

In some ways I wish I had had a camera but in others it is moments like these that memories mean a lot.

Best wishes


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