Saturday, 30 May 2009

Battling with Technology

Oh Boy,

Where do I start? I wanted to sort out my computer and upload some photos via bluetooth. The bluetooth icon was in the control panel so off I set it wouldn't connect to the mobile phone despite the fact they both said connected with each other. That was the start of the problems that I am now experiencing.

Next I was running a trial version of Office 2007 and wanted to be able to install Office 2003 having put the cd into the drive and getting loads of errors I gave up. I nearly threw the thing out of the window. I feel so inadequate with technology when it goes wrong.

When I put a cd in the machine and it installs simply I am really proud of myself. When things go wrong I am a grouch. The main thing was I dragged myself off to bed to sleep again hoping I would awake in a much better mood.

This has now happened and I have decided to leave technology to an expert friend. He will no doubt tease me and say I am useless but I know I tried to follow his instructions and the things just wouldn't co-operate.

This makes me more determined to visit the place the photos are of and take the digital camera instead. Much better pictures and easy to upload to the computer she says to herself. Any excuse to get out and about away from the house.

No doubt I will be inspired when I do eventually get to do the burning desire of posting wonderful pictures on my blog.

I just hope no one beats me to it and visits the place I have my heart set on.

Got a hectic week next week and could do with some inspiration. No doubt will feel better for it.

No doubt I will achieve my goals one day.

Best wishes


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