Thursday, 28 May 2009

My Fantasy Writing Day

I would wake up to find a wonderful cooked breakfast being delivered on a tray by my wonderful husband. It would consist of bacon, eggy bread, mushrooms, hashbrowns and tomato sauce. Together with orange juice and black coffee.

Then I would have a leisurely shower again assisted by my husband. Then it would be the struggle of getting into clothes that fit and I am comfortable with.

I would discover I have an invitation to speak at the local WI about my newly published autobiography. I would panic and insist I have nothing suitable to wear hence a shopping spree would have to entail. Immediately I would telephone Cleobury Mortimer and my dear friend at a lingerie shop to make sure I looked my best in the underwear department.

I would also treat myself to a twice yearly hairdo and a biannual manicure. Once satisfied with my appearance I would set off to do my speech. Would I prepare it in advance of course I would. I don't want to make a fool of myself. Perhaps I would write two versions one for the younger members of the WI and one for the older ones. I would never be sure what age would be there and if both were I would merge the two speeches together. Well at least that is what I tell myself.

Once the speech is over the ladies of the WI are asking me how I got into writing and what made me accept the challenge of getting my writing out there to be published.

Now my first public speaking event is successfully over I know realise I have a second string to my writing bow and can utilise this skill too.

I just have to learn to promote myself on the internet, via word of mouth and hope that I get many bookings.

Next I have a book signing to attend. I envisage a long queue on to the pavement from the bookshop but knowing my real life it would be one person from the bookshop requiring a book signed by moi.

I suppose one fantasy a day is good enough and the book signing will be another wonderful fantasy in time.

My other fantasies would be to get something published in a nature magazine similar to what I have described in my previous post. If only I had remembered a camera.

Well that is my fantasy life. I wonder what everyone else's ideas are.

Thank you Julie for inspiring me.

Best wishes



  1. Oh Fee. My fantasy writer's day goes something like this. I've been secretly writing and blogging for some time, building up my skills and I manage to write a whole book, and the publisher is so amazed by my fresh new voice that they publish it. But I keep it under a pen name because maybe I'm shy, maybe I'm afraid people will read themselves into the plot and be upset. Anyway, the novel gets popular and it gets short listed for some kind of prize, like the booker prize or something really presigious and I win it, at which point my husband has started to wonder where all this extra money has come from, so I throw a party and tell everyone at once when they're drunk...

    Well it might happen????

    Have you been asked to do public speaking then?

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  3. Dear Pinkerbell

    No I haven't been asked to do public speaking but you never know.

    I had my first taste of public speaking last year when I met Duncan Goodhew together with Steve Parry during an Everyday Swim event and I was really emotional but it got the message across.

    Best of luck with your writing and I hope your fantasy does come true.