Thursday, 14 May 2009


I have been to Birmingham today not for shopping I may add but for some help with emotional problems and how to cope better with my depression. All of this provided free by a really kind person who wants to help people like me be able to move on with their life.

It was very different to anything I have ever tried before and I certainly got some benefit from it. I know I can't change the events that have happened in my life and I can't change the memories but I can manage my emotions of them.

Our lives are based on certain things that happen and each is like a little story on a piece of paper. After a while you store these up to the back of your mind and then it is like a filing cabinet falling over forwards with all the pieces of paper falling on the floor. You then have to pick them up and file them back. Unfortunately as you pick up a piece you look at it briefly and the same emotions are brought back it is learning how to cope with these emotions that is the most important thing to do.

Some can be really happy and it those you need to concentrate on. The others make you who you are and it is up to you whether you choose to move forward and learn from these experiences so you turn into a better person.

I am lucky I have realised that things have happened to me for a reason. I still find it hard to come to terms with not working but by doing things to help others I know I am moving on and moving forward.

I am lucky I have my writing.

Best wishes to everyone.


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  1. You are doing so well. I have had a ten year illness, and like you, I learned so much from it. As my dear Franciscan friend always says, 'God doesn't send illness, but He uses it so that we can grow'...

    Much love, Carole.