Monday, 18 May 2009

You Never Know

Hi Everyone,

You never know who is reading your blog or keeping up to date with your movements. I have had a surprise today in that I received an email from one of my readers. This particular person is a freelance writer and may be looking to do a feature for various magazines.

It just goes to show you never know that something you post is being read. You may not think it is important but to someone reading it the article could be just what they are looking for. It could be something to help someone else but you wrote it to get feelings off your chest. Little could you realise that it would blow up into a national story.

Just by writing you are opening up a new world for yourself and others. Making them aware of issues that are important to you.

I am lucky in that I write because I find it therapeutic and put my feelings into print whether it be on the internet or on paper.

I will certainly count myself lucky if my story gets out there by whatever means but the main thing is its "my" story no one else has trodden the journey I do. I am individual with my own take on what has happened to me. We all cope in different ways with illness and I am proof of that.

I love me for who I am not what I haven't got. I am me and I am happy.

That is all that matters to me.

If I can be happy with my writing and others accept it for what it is that is fine. It may not be to everyone's taste and I also appreciate that. We all have different likes and dislikes especially with writing and publishers are looking for what they like. I realise not every publisher will like my story.

If I am happy with what I write then I put it out there and that is all that matters to me is that I am happy with it.

Best wishes and good luck to everyone.



  1. Hi Fee
    That's lovely news and I think one day a publisher will want to publish your story. Your blog is great and it's lovely to think that there are real people out there who can relate to your story and gain from it in a positive way.
    Keep it up Fee
    Best wishes

  2. Hello Fee,
    What a wonderfully positive blog. I thank you for sharing these thoughts.
    We are indeed all unique and we all have a story to tell. Like you, I consider writing to be therapeutic. Like you, I am happy with being who I am.
    I firmly believe that people read your blog and other thought provoking blogs and find they can relate to what is written. That is powerful.
    Although I write as a therapeutic outlet and think of myself as just an amateur having a bit of fun; I am quite thrilled that I was featured on Radio 5 Live's Pods and Blogs, That is my claim to fame.
    Best wishes and good luck to you, Fee. Positive thoughts your way, Gary.

  3. Dear Di,

    I am glad you like my blog.

    Dear Gary,

    I am glad you find my blog inspirational.

    Thank you both for your lovely comments.

    Best wishes