Monday, 16 February 2009

Another Success

My husband informed me this morning that he had found a very interesting letter in The Sun. He came downstairs and read it out to me and then said the name at the bottom. It was mine.

I had submitted about a dozen letters over the last couple of months to The Sun and was astonished to see this one in print.

I had signed it in my married name and with letters this seems to get me published more than the other name I use. Don't know if I am being paranoid about this or not.

The main thing is the letter was published even though it did not win letter of the week.

So a good start to this week spurring me on.

Best wishes to everyone.



  1. Congratulations Fee and what a wonderful start to the week. Keep writing and more importantly - enjoy it x

  2. Oh, well done. This is great news.

    I've had a bit of luck myslef with letters and get a huge buzz from seeing my name in print. I alternate using my first and middle name (so that the publications concerend don't feel they have to take out an injunction against me) and seem to have more luck with my first name. Isn't it odd?

  3. Well done Fee! Keep sending them out. I do a scatter bomb technique. I read several of the magazines/newspapers I want to target. I find a story or article in there that interests me and comment on it. I then send a different letter out to several magazines/ newspapers over a couple of weeks and see what happens!!