Thursday, 5 February 2009

A Lovely Surprise

I was meant to be going away down south for a wedding this weekend but the weather has meant a delay if we ever go at all.

I am so glad it is not 12 weeks ago as that was our wedding weekend coming up and the added stress of this weather on a wedding well I don't think I could have faced it.

So I was snuggled up under the covers and did not want to move. The postman arrived and rang the doorbell. My husband went and answered it. I hate the cold so stayed put. To my surprise there was a package from the Shropshire Star. I had won "Letter of the Week" and inside the package was a silver pen from House of Fraser.

I looked back through my emails I wrote the letter to the paper at 3.30 am. Strange thing to do I know but look what my late night antics have achieved.

This has spurred me on to achieve more.

Best wishes to everyone and keep warm and well in this horrid cold weather.


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