Monday, 23 February 2009

I am now involved in a Menage a Trois

Thanks to Simon I have discovered I am in a Menage a Trois this means a relationship with my writing and a relationship with my husband.

Trying to juggle writing with a relationship is certainly like having an illicit affair. I had no idea writing could come into its own and be classed as a relationship but it is and it has.

Trying to find quiet time and not feel guilty for writing is going to be an art form in itself. I am lucky my husband supports me in all that I do whether it be being filmed, attending interviews and now writing.

My writing is lucky it wins hands down every day it is going to get attention far more than my husband but I know at the end of the day I will have achieved something whether it just be putting some words on the screen.

My husband is "my favourite waste of time" whereas my writing is a true passion and flair for something I love doing and dream of succeeding at.

Thank you so much Simon.

Best wishes.


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