Monday, 23 February 2009

Oh Boy What have I done

I attended a Cancer Research Relay for Life meeting last night and got so passionate about it I am now involved in helping with the event. I thought of all the reasons why I could not be involved like the fact I don't drive and have to rely on others to take me to places. I mentioned this to the organisers and they said "We will pick you up it is not a problem". So here I am busy sending emails and working out what to do next.

I drafted an email for BBC Midlands today and forwarded this on to the committee as I felt it would be better coming from their own email address rather than my own.

They have now sent this off and we will just have to wait and see what support we get from tv.

I am also doing other promotion work for Sail4Cancer and have written an article today. This means I am busy writing and learning new skills each day.

The writing group is spurring me on and I know by being involved with various charities that I will certainly be writing a lot to newspapers, the media and various letters and emails.

I am so glad I am not here sitting feeling sorry for myself I am now far too busy to do that.

Best wishes to everyone.


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