Tuesday, 17 February 2009

What Inspires me to Write?

Sometimes I read something in a newspaper and I get so angry I feel I want to right an injustice. Other times it is when someone or something has helped me through a tough time and I want to raise awareness of their existence or just to offer a thank you.

My main objective in writing is to help others and spur them on so that they can cope with horrendous situations.

My motivation varies from day to day. Some days I feel what is the point to today? Why should I get up? My tummy hurts. I want a duvet day. When I am advised to have "an ignore the world day" something usually changes my plans and I am spurred on to do things.

Today it was a telephone call from a hospital. This got me irked and I wanted to get to the bottom of their query and how it had come about in the first instance.

Each department I telephoned I was advised "It has not come from us". This iritated me and I have since made six different telephone calls all to no avail as to where the initial query came from.

After realising I was getting nowhere I contacted a totally different organisation and left the information with them. This organisation informed me that the other organisation had no track of telephone calls in or out or correspondence in letter form being recorded either. Hence the reason no one is admitting responsibility for the initial query.

This made me think back to something Simon has written in his blog about keeping records and hence the reason it is so important to make a note of each item you send out where and to who and which date. You never know when records need to be checked.

I suppose an efficient writer will keep all these records so no duplications arise and will know when or not they have been published.

Even if you write as a hobby it may be an interesting record to look back upon and see where your interest has taken you. You never know the journey could be long or short but it will be intersting nevertheless.

Best wishes to everyone.

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  1. Save everything four times! I save my work on the computer, on a flash pen, and on disk.I then print it out, so I have a hard copy too. I also have a spreadsheet with everything I've sent out, date I sent it, where I sent it and whether it was successful or not. That way, when I re read, rewrite and edit the unsuccessful piece I won't send it back to the same place in error!