Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Many people have no idea what is involved when you have to start claiming benefits. I had no intention of ever having to claim long term benefits but due to my health I soon had to change this attitude.

Asking for help has been the biggest challenge for me and I still find it difficult. In January with the help of an adviser from the DWP my DLA Forms were completed to try and get my care rate lifted from low to middle or high rate. As soon as my care rate goes up my husband and I will be entitled to Carers Allowance, Council Tax benefit and some other benefits which I am not sure about yet.

Today I received a letter informing me that the DWP have not yet made their decision and it will be a further 8-10 weeks before a decision is known as they are only just writing to my GP to obtain a report.

The media seem to portray people on benefits as scroungers we are not. We are just desperate for help in circumstances beyond our control. I didn't ask to be ill. I do what I can to stay positive but it is very tough.

The tears have flowed freely this morning. I know I have to let them out otherwise everything gets stuck in my head and will cause depression. As mental health is not an illness which can be seen the DWP also have issues with this.

I sympathise with all the people who are ill and finding it so difficult to get the financial help they so desperately need and to be told they have to wait 3-6 months is ridiculous.

At the age of 22 I did not think about life or health insurance let alone obtain a pension plan. I had no idea what was around the corner.

To be told at 23 I was unable to get life or health insurance while I was working was a blow but the worst blow came much later on in life when I was unable to take over the mortgage of my former matrimonial home. I lost everything. However I gained my new husband and together we struggle through. Life has been tough but I know it is harder for others and that is why I desperately want things changed.

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