Thursday, 5 February 2009


Looking through various blogs and watching the television with people sending in their snow pictures I can see some people have been and are inspired to write winter stories.

I have had no inspiration at all from this snow or the cold weather. In fact I fear every winter and this one is the worst we have had in ages.

I was meant to be going down south and staying with my brother-in-law. They are so concerned about me falling or slipping on the ice they have advised we postpone our visit today and see what tomorrow or Saturday brings.

I can picture in my mind the road where we should have been arriving tonight. Cars parked either side leaving a single lane for traffic to meet in both directions and car parking would be a nightmare trying to dab the brakes gently and reverse the car into a very tight parking space. So with that picture in mind and the fear of falling down the icy steps I have decided to postpone our trip.

Many people love the snows others fear it. I am one of those that fear it and have to be dosed up to the eyeballs with painkillers to cope with the arthritis I suffer with and other conditions on top. Once the cold hits my bones it takes ages to get warm. Gently rubbing one joint and then another to slowly gain warmth so that no further damage is done to the body.

It is at these times you can feel for the elderly and how they are suffering I am much younger but have similar conditions.

I long for the warm sunny weather so that I can at least have some normality to my life.

Bear a thought for those suffering and if you can be a good neighbour to someone to help them through this cold spell please do it.

I wish I could help others but as you can see this cold is impossible for me.

Best wishes



  1. The trecherous conditions aren't helped by the council's and government's total lack of appreciation for the fact that if they cleared the snow from the pavements instead of just concentrating on a few roads then people wouldn't be confined to their homes afraid to go out for fear of slipping over. I'm fighting the council on this matter at the moment but all I've got back from them is the usual rubbish about 'targets' etc.

    I won't take my daughter to school in this weather even if the schools are open as we have to walk along a minor rd (no footpath) that isn't gritted and a steep hill that isn't gritted so I won't risk it.

    I hope you get to your Brother-in-law's soon.

    You could use your fear of the snow and icy weather in your writing - make people think of the alternative view.

  2. Looking out at the grass and dirt where there should be four feet of snow is a little different than your situation. I have seen the news reports of what you are dealing with and wish you the best as you struggle through.

    Keep in mind that this to will pass. Before you know it, summer will return. Julie makes a great point to use the adversity as inspiration for what I know will be a great article. You can always use a new pen! :)


  3. I love the way snow looks, but loathe going out in it. I hope you manage to stay indoors and keep warm.

    Let's hope for warm sun soon.