Saturday, 21 February 2009

Feeling Numb

I got home following my writing meeting this morning to discover the post had arrived on the mat. I saw one of the letters was addressed to me. Well it was more of a package than a letter and in fact it contained a cd. On opening I discovered it was the DVD from Noel's HQ.

As the show had been filmed live I had not had a chance to see what was going on the screen let around what was going on around me due to the nerves kicking in. Needless to say Steve put it in the DVD player and we sat cuddled up on the settee watching it. I had no idea they had edited it by cutting and pasting various bits of film and the bit they ended with was in fact filmed in the middle of the film session.

I felt overcome with emotion which is what the directors' intention was.

Watching myself back on tv is one of the hardest things I do but it also shows what I am achieving for others by raising awareness of the issues that affect cancer patients.

I feel so strongly that patients with this disease should not have to wait around for hospital appointments that should have been scheduled and have not been. That the waiting time for results takes so long. That many cancer patients are losing their homes due to a loss of income. That these patients are coping with financial issues when they should be concentrating on being well and staying well.

It is for these reasons I campaign so hard while I can to make life better for those that follow this journey.

Life is not fair and this is a cruel illness to deal with it strikes at any age and in many forms. None of us know what is around the corner that is why I seize the day and take every opportunity given to me.

I will make a difference, not I am going to do this and then don't do something. I am determined that by writing this blog of my experiences things will change or people will be more aware of their actions around disabled people and be far more tolerant.

By being a member of a cancer forum I know my comments are taken on board and passed on to professionals so that they realise how their actions affect patients. I am also a member of a support group and it is through my eyes others realise the financial affects the illness has on the younger cancer patients.

I just hope things will change I know it won't happen overnight but I am determined to try my best to get things changed during my lifetime.

Best wishes.



  1. Good for you. The first few times I came through here, I hadn't read your about me, only your post. Sad, truly. But you're doing a great job at maintaining a healthy attitude.

    Good for you.

  2. You are truly an inspiring motivator. I feel like running out and grabbing every lost moment and every wasted second. If only we all had your courage and determination. Thank you for jump starting my day.

  3. Thank You both for your lovely comments. They mean so much to me.

    Best wishes.