Friday, 13 February 2009

Friday 13th

Today has been Friday 13th and I for one am glad it is nearly over.

I built myself up for a very traumatic day only to find out the appointment this morning was cancelled and no one informed the people involved. Absolutely typical.

To make matters worse there were several accidents on the roads, causing chaos and making people late for various things.

I am feeling positive again despite the fact we know the appointment will have to be rescheduled but I am not going to worry until that time.

In the meantime life is for living and getting on with things.

I finally plucked up courage to find a publisher for my book. I looked at the submission guidelines and just my luck "we are not accepting submissions at this present time".

So I will have to keep an eye out for when they do. If not I will have to start enquiry letters next week and build myself up for the response.

Life is never simple. It would be boring if it was all so easy.

I am busy campaigning again on various bug bears I discovered yesterday, so I will see where that gets me. I love helping others and changing things for the better.

Who knows where my life will take me. What path, twist or turn will I find. I love life and am feeling much happier.

My wonderful husband has ordered me a valentine's gift it is "Wannabe a Writer".

Best wishes to everyone.


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  1. There's nothing worse than getting yourself psyched up for an event that doesn't happen, but I'm glad you're still feeling positive despite the set-back with your appointment.

    Wannabe a Writer is a great book - you'll love it. Jane Wenham-Jones has a very light touch but really gets her message across.