Monday, 9 February 2009


Many couples get married for one reason and one reason only they love each other.

That is where the similarities to weddings end. What do I mean by this?

Couples choose various venues to get married whether it be a registry office, hotel, church or even a railway station waiting room.

Accessories vary too as many brides have a set colour theme whether it be burgundy and ivory or ivory and purple, black and white or green. Every bride chooses what they want for their special day and sometimes the themes vary depending on the time of year for a wedding or what colours are available for various flowers. A bride decides whether to have fresh flowers or silk. Again a very personal decision.

Some brides are discreet about the presents they give. Many brides choose to give their bridesmaids gifts to wear on the wedding day itself others give gifts during the reception.

Flowers for the grooms mother and bride's mother are usually presented during the reception.

Some brides choose to have cards read out especially if certain members of a family will not be in attendance and it is felt appropriate to do this. This can also be a time for a bride to surprise her husband and have a card read out from her to him.

Giftlists have emerged over the years and many retailers offer this service and give discounts to the bride and groom if they want something specific. Some couples opt for help with their honeymoon whereas a few opt to give their giftlist to charity.

So you can see what I mean when I say the similarity ends and personal touches appear.

Honeymoons can be taken immediately after the wedding or sometime later. It does not mean that a couple loves each other less it just depends on circumstances and what suits one couple does not necessarily suit another.

I am lucky to have been able to look at my new husband and despite the fact we have not had a honeymoon yet it doesn't matter if we never get to go away on a honeymoon. What matters is supporting each other through difficult periods of life and knowing what we have is true love.

I am so lucky to have wonderful support when I need it most.

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